Bhoot movie review and ratings : Vick kaushal in The Haunted Ship alone.

Bhoot movie review Part 1 The Haunted Ship box office collection Day 1: Vicky Kaushal film earns 5.10 rupees. The Vicky Kaushal star Bhoot Part 1: The Haunted Ship has made decent money on the first day of its release.

After starring in films like Masaan and Uri: The Surgical Strike, Vicky Kaushal returned to the big screen to scare the audience in Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship.

Since Friday is a holiday (Maha Shivratri), We have expectations on the film that it can mint money at the box office. The film earned 5.10 rupees on the first day of its release.

Bhoot is headed by Bhanu Pratap Singh. Karan johar produced the film This is the first time Vicky has starred in a horror film.

Bhoot has received negative reviews from the critics. Our reviewer, Vibha Maru, gave the film 1 out of 5 stars. She wrote: “Bhoot Part One. The action of the haunted ship has large gaps. We were ready to ignore everything if it had the potential to scare the daylight out of us. Bhoot does nothing of the sort. The ghosts in the film are: indeed so unconvincing that they look more like lizards crawling in the background. They may be reminded of Bipasha Basu’s creature, which is also not a good memory. The director tries to make the audience scream with a little fear of jumping. But most of them fall flat and leave us angry. ” Bhoot movie review and rating unfortunately missed to attract most of critics.

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