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Aswathama movie review .

Ashwathama is a movie that needs to click at any price since Naga Shourya is going through a boring phase. The movie premiered today and let’s see if it lives up to expectations or not. History: Gana (Naga Shourya) returns to India for her sister’s engagement. Just when the show is going to take place, her sister tries to commit suicide. Win saves her and surprisingly discovers that she is pregnant and her son’s father is unknown. A defenseless Shourya begins to investigate this case and finally catches the culprit. How do you do all this to form the rest of the story? Aswathama movie review

Directed by Ramana Teja, Aswathama is an exciting action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, there is also an inherent problem with the story. He doesn’t find a great turn to finish the story at the top. The film follows the journey of Ganaa (Shaurya), who returns to India for her sister’s engagement. However, soon, he realizes that something bad has happened to him, which leads him to track down the culprits. What surprises him even more, in the course of his investigation, is that his sister is not the only victim. The rest of the story is about how Ganaa connects the dots to discover why many young women have disappeared without reason and why, when they wake up, they find themselves in a hospital.

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