TDP Says I-T Raids Are Politically Motivated

A series of income tax (I-T) raids have been carried out against key members in the Andhra Pradesh state government, most if not all who belong to the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP). The raids that started on October 4, 2018, first targeted the companies of TDP Leader Beeda Mastan Rao, with initial claims of documents showing questionable dealings having taken place. However, since this time, there have been no additional comments from anyone in the I-T Department.


Kalava Srinivasulu, the Information and Public Relations (I&PR) Minister for Andhra Pradesh pointed a finger squarely at meddling by the BJP-led government in New Delhi, saying, “Hundreds of I-T sleuths came into the state. This has created fear among investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs. Many of the ministers during the cabinet meeting, felt it is with a motive that the central government was involved in the I-T raids. These I-T raids are aimed at deterring the development of the state. We feel the I-T raids are held with the malafide intention of creating panic and fear in the minds of businessmen. We will face such attacks. The raids on a few companies is not the issue, but the Centre’s vindictive nature is the main issue. PM Narendra Modi’s vindictive nature will hamper the progress of the state.”


Relations between the BJP and TDP have soured in recent months, seeing the two of them pointing accusing fingers at each other just months away from all-important state and national elections.

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