Strong Rains Back in Andhra and Telangana for Five Days

The Director of the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD), Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai and the Meteorological Centre in Hyderabad, Y.K. Reddy, has declared that Monsoon rains are due to lash the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana over a five-day period starting from today. Most of the state has recently been experiencing a seeming continuation of summer weather after a few brief showers earlier in the month. However, this scenario is expected to change as the IMD has said that the rainy season which kicked off at the beginning of June is picking up steam and experiencing a second wind that will see it gain some momentum in the coming week.


Light showers were experienced in most parts of coastal city, Vishakapatnam, yesterday, while some places in the city experienced slightly more significant rainfall. Areas like Beach Road and Siripuram received up to 2mm of rain, yet the state of the sea was considered to be very choppy and residents stayed wary of venturing out into the ocean in this state of its being. No significant damage was caused by these precursory rains, yet it was reported that the replica of the wheel from the Sun Temple in Konark that was set up on the beach back in 2015 had collapsed due the somewhat severe pounding that it received from waves crashing upon it as they came further ashore than normal. No warnings were issued as yet by the IMD or the Cyclone Warning Centre (CWC) located in Vishakapatnam.

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