Setbacks to YSR Congress party fans and activists!

Ever since a young man named Srinivasa Rao had attack YSRCP President YS Jagan at the Vizag airport, YSR CP leaders and fans have been constantly targeting the TDP. They alleged that Srinivasa Rao is a TDP sympathiser and that he was hired by the TDP to assassinate Jagan. In a bid to add strength to their arguments, desperate YSRCP followers even created a fake ID card of Srinivasa Rao as a TDP member and made it viral on social media. But the TDP fans have shut their argument with a clinical research and proved that the registration number in the fake ID card actually belongs to another TDP member from Guntur. Needless to say that Jagan fans were dumbstruck with this revelation.
On the other hand, the TDP supporters have been counter attacking with Srinivasa Rao’s New Year flexi which has his and Jagan’s photographs, proving that he was indeed a Jagan follower. As expected, YSRCP fans claimed that the flexi is a photoshop job by the TDP.

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