Revenge Killing in Broad Daylight on Busy Hyderabad Road

In a case that appears to be something from a movie, Ramesh Goud was hacked to death by his friend’s father, Krishna Goud, and his friend’s uncle, Laxman Goud, on the Attapur Road on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Both Krishna Goud and Laxman Goud were avenging the death of Mahesh Goud who was brutally killed by Ramesh Goud last year for having a friendship with a woman that Ramesh Goud had gotten close to. The murder took place in December 2017, and the authorities were notified of the murder of Mahesh Goud when the staff at a service center notified them of suspicious blood stains in the car that Ramesh Goud had apparently committed the murder in.


Ramesh Goud was leaving the court and returning home after a hearing in the ongoing murder case when he was chased by Krishna Goud and Laxman Goud. Both men were armed, one of them with an axe, and upon catching up with Ramesh Goud on a busy section of the Attapur Road under the PVNR Expressway, they proceeded to hack him to death. Onlookers watched in horror, and some of them pointed out that police who were nearby did not attempt to do anything, or to intervene in any manner, and neither did a police patrol vehicle that passed by this scene unfolding. The police later issued a statement saying that the patrol vehicle had stopped a little ahead and were on their way to investigate, while their personnel on the ground had gone to get their batons.


As is the case in this electronic age, videos were taken of this heinous crime, and one of them that went viral showed one of the attackers striking Ramesh Goud down with repeated blows of the axe, who then later stood up to button his shirt and then flashed the victory sign. Both Krishna Goud and Laxman Goud were later apprehended by the police.

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