Punjab Police “High-handedness”, Woman Falls Off Police Jeep Roof

In a bizarre case of circular arguments, a woman fell off the roof of a police jeep in Shehzada village, Amritsar district of Punjab state, even as the police have registered a case against her and about eight of her family members for attacking the police jeep and even breaking a windowpane. These incidents occurred on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, but this matter only became public knowledge after a CCTV footage showing her falling from the roof of the jeep was spread on social media. This prompted residents of the village and other nearby villages to block a road and demand action against the police personnel responsible for this. The woman, Jaswinder Kaur had been injured in the fall, and had been admitted to the Civil Hospital in Majitha town.


It is believed that the police had originally visited her house looking for her father-in-law in conjunction with an ongoing property dispute case. However, not finding him there, they attempted to take her husband in for questioning, to which Kaur protested strongly. According to the police, they were attacked by her and the reason she climbed on the roof of the jeep was to try and stop the jeep from making its way back to the station. According to Kaur, however, the police had put her on the bonnet, after which point she climbed on the roof to save herself. She claims that the jeep had traveled at least three kilometers before she fell off in the nearby Chaminda Devi area.

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