Prices of Diesel, Petrol Continue to Rise; Petrol at Rs. 90.84 per Litre in Mumbai

It appears that there is no immediate end in sight for the steadily rising price of diesel and petrol as they continue to become more expensive on a daily basis. With Brent Crude going for $83 a barrel, and India being forced to import much more than half of all the crude oil that it uses, it appears as though without proper government action that the trend of rising prices will only continue to pain the public. In spite of the RBI say that inflation levels have not exceeded the anticipated amount, only time will tell by how much and how soon the increasing costs of transportation as brought on by rising fuel prices will cause serious inflationary pressures on the prices of all commonly purchased commodities.

Most Metro cities experienced an approximately 10 paise rise from Saturday, with Mumbai still being the most expensive. The rates for diesel and petrol across the four metros of Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai were: 1) In Mumbai Rs. 79.40 for a litre of diesel and petrol retailing at Rs. 90.84 per litre, 2) In New Delhi Rs. 74.79 for a litre of diesel and petrol selling at Rs. 83.49 per litre, 3) In Kolkata Rs. 76.64 for a litre of diesel and Rs. 85.30 for a litre of petrol, and 4) In Chennai Rs. 79.08 for one litre of diesel and Rs. 86.80 for the same quantity of petrol.

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