Petrol Crosses Rs. 90 per Litre in Parbhani, Maharashtra

A complicated series of excise duties and value added taxes (VAT) from state to state in India continue to add to the woes of the average Indian citizen as fuel prices keep reaching new highs. The small town of Parbhani in Maharashtra saw the highest petrol price in the country, crossing the Rs. 90 mark at Rs. 90.02 per litre. Vehicle owners are feeling the pinch, and have been doing so now for at least the last two weeks since the prices of diesel and petrol reached unprecedented levels.


Prices of these two fuels in the metro cities range from the lower end in Delhi, where a litre of diesel currently costs Rs. 72.97 and the same quantity of petrol costs Rs. 80.87, while on the upper end of the price spectrum in Mumbai, diesel is retailing at Rs. 77.47 and petrol is Rs. 88.26 per litre. In light of the runaway prices, many have asked the government in New Delhi to reduce the excise duties that it levies on these products, but so far all pleas have fallen on deaf ears.


In a move to ease the growing pressure resulting from an escalating fuel cost, the state governments of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh seem to be doing their bit to help their people, with the former reducing the VAT on both fuels by Rs. 2.50, and the latter making a similar move and reducing the prices by Rs. 2.00. In light of the Bharat Bandh that was called yesterday to demand action against the rampant price rise of diesel and petrol, it appears that the action may have been much ado about nothing, with the government at the centre unwilling to budge, and facing a whole host of issues that it seems unwilling or otherwise unable to deal with.

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