Parents Claim Ragging as Cause of Son’s Suicide at Kurnool Medical College

In a sad turn of events, Komma Harsha Praneeth Reddy, a 19-year old student of Kurnool Medical College was found hanging in his room on the morning of Friday, July 6, 2018. He was in his second year and initial indications were that he had taken his own life by hanging. However, his parents have claimed that he was a victim of ragging, or bullying by his seniors, and this was the reason he was driven to make this ultimate decision with his own life. He was a very good student who always extended support and gave encouragement to his peers, and to his father, according to a statement made by his father, so there were no reasons for him to have taken his own life because of being lonely or struggling to pass his classes. However, he did apparently mention to his father that he was being subjected to bullying, and that this is probably what led to his suicide. Ramanujaya Reddy, the boy’s father added, “This is not suicide. This is murder. The college management has killed my boy.”


The college denies the allegation, stating that the student did not make any formal complaint about ragging to school authorities, and that the college did not permit for ragging to take place on its premises. The police have initiated an investigation into this death, and the college management will await the results of the autopsy report before making a final decision in this case. If anything is to undermine the stance that the Kurnool Medical College has taken on this matter, it is the fact that in September 2017, a group of junior students had approached police to complain of bullying by their seniors, stating that they were made to perform menial tasks and were beaten if they did not comply.

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