Kidney Trafficking Case; Woman from West Bengal Arrested

Chandana Guria was arrested by Uttarakhand Police today for her alleged involvement in a kidney smuggling syndicate that spanned state borders. Human trafficking of all forms in illegal in India, and the country has come under fire for the rampant nature of human organ trafficking that seems to still take place. Guria is a resident of Jagacha in Howrah, and she was arrested from the health clinic where she worked. The arrest was a joint effort of both the Uttarakhand Police and the Howrah City Police. She has been taken to Uttarakhand as part of a five-day transit police remand.


According to an officer of the Uttarakhand Police force who effected the arrest, “We have been trying to trace this woman for more than two months since some members of the racket were arrested in Uttarakhand. According to our estimate, the racket was involved in illegal selling of around 70 kidneys.” The officer went on to point out the extent of the network in operation to foster the illegal trade in human organs, saying, “This woman was involved in kidney smuggling. A number of senior doctors were also involved in the illegal racket. They used to sell each kidney for Rs 40-45 lakh across the country for transplantation.”


India has long been seen a thriving market for trade in human kidneys, mostly acquired from the financially impoverished who are trying to get out of debt. Although a lot more conscientiousness has been built up around this fact, the sad truth remains that it still continues, and it appears to be anyone’s guess if there has been a true reduction in the number of cases of this illegal practice.

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