India and Pakistan Resolve to Fully Implement 2003 Ceasefire

Both India and Pakistan have shown promising signs to move towards respecting their national sovereignty, in the past few months. As recently as last week, the Director Generals of Military Operations of both nations calling for a return to, and a proper implementation of the ceasefire agreement of 2003. However, given the fact that much of the animosity between these neighbouring countries goes back a few decades, it will require a constant and willing attempt to arrive at a meaningful resolution for both sides.


Occasional violence has flared up along the border in recent times, threatening to undermine this effort by both armies. A week ago, to Indian Border Security Force jawans were shot dead by gunfire from the Pakistani side. As part of an ongoing issue, India has repeatedly blamed Pakistan for supporting terrorism in the state of Kashmir. Numerous negotiations have either been planned or even initiated, but never seen through to completion. Such matters have done little to advance the state of peace that both India and Pakistan hope to achieve. Yet, ongoing hiccups and unforeseen skirmishes have come to be the factors hindering the progress of peace.


In 2013, talks between both countries were suspended, and even though several attempts were made to revive this matter in light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s coming to power back in 2014, no further progress has resulted. This time around, and with the entire international community watching, both India and Pakistan have resolved to show the entire world that they are, after all is said and done, ready to commit to being peaceful neighbours in the region.

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