ED Charges on YS Bharati !

The charges of Enforcement Directorate on YS Bharati in the Quid Pro Quo by Jagan & Bharati’s companies has created a political storm ahead of 2019 polls. While Jagan trying to turn into sympathy and hence written an open letter raising his voice against the inclusion of Bharati’s name, political analysts are busy tracking the consequences of ED’s move. TDP leaders have started using ED’s move as a shot in arm and attacking Jagan & Co. TDP leaders are demanding the CBI to register cases against Bharati and even Jagan’s brother-in-law Anil. Amidst this YCP leaders and activists believe popping up of Bharati’s name would only benefit them politically. And TDP leaders believe otherwise. Given that the corruption allegations and disproportionate assets have caused a great political damage to YCP in 2014, many analysts believe that it may repeat in 2019 as well.

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