Congress in Odisha Demand Rs. 10 Lakh Ex Gratia to Families of Cyclone Titli Deceased

Niranjan Patnaik, President of the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), has demanded that the state pay at least Rs. 10 Lakhs to the families of the deceased who lost their lives to Cyclone Titli and the floods which followed. He made this demand after visiting the affected areas and being disappointed by the level of preparation in the state for the storm that was being tracked well in advance of it making landfall, early last week. While Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, had asked that district collectors of those districts through which the storm was expected to pass take necessary precautions to ensure that no lives were lost, it appears that this was not to be the case.


The PCC President said, “24 casualties have occurred in different parts of the state and it is increasing. Also, thousands of families have lost everything. If the state government had prepared itself as per the advice of Met department, the huge destruction would have been avoided.” He followed this up by asking that ongoing relief and rehabilitation be done “on a war footing” as well as stating that the injured should receive all assistance that was required. He added to this by saying that a detailed report needed to be prepared of the damage that the cyclone and floods had caused, and that repairs of infrastructure needed to be looked at immediately. There has been no response to these comments from the Chief Minister or anyone else, at the moment.

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