BJP Gunning for 2019 Elections in Telangana

In what could be seen as a move to surpass its rivals in Telangana state, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is looking beyond the upcoming Panchayat Polls and setting its sights on the assembly and general elections that are due to take place in 2019. This is in stark contrast to the Congress Party which is attempting to woo farmers to vote for favourable allies during the Panchayat polls due to take place shortly, as well as the ruling Telanga Rashtra Samithi (TRS) who seem supremely confident of success in the polls, and thereafter, thanks to several schemes that it claims will be of true benefit to the people, such as the Rythu Bandhu programme that pledges monetary support to the farmers of the state.


The Telangana cadre of the BJP, led by MLA from Musheerabad, K. Laxman, will launch the Maarpu Kosam Jana Chaitanya Yatra, a two-week series of public meetings and roadshows that will point out the failings of the TRS government, beginning on the 23rd of June, 2018. The BJP party members will show how several promises made by the ruling TRS are yet to be fulfilled, while contrasting this against the positive outcomes of similar programmes that have been successful in achieving benefits for the people, as part of the BJP government in New Delhi and its efforts to provide and enhance public welfare.


A spokesperson for the BJP, A. Rakesh Reddy has said that as part of the first leg of this yatra, K. Laxman and his team will visit 30 assembly segments, out of a total of 119 assembly constituencies spread out over 10 districts in the state.

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