Bandla Ganesh joins Congress party and shocks everyone!

Actor-producer-poultry owner Bandla Ganesh has shocked one and all when he joined Congress in the presence of its party chief Rahul Gandhi. If it’s not enough, he stated that he would even ready to contest from Jubilee Hills if the party decides to field him. He said he is into politics to only serve people and stated that his interest in films remain the same. But when media has asked him why did not he join his ‘God’ Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena and why he chose Congress, Bandla Ganesh seems to be caught off guard. But confident Ganesh said, ” Pawan Kalyan is my God. Pawan is like my father. He is my Guru. Still, I love Congress. From my childhood, I’ve a great liking for Congress. It’s the party that has built the country. It’s my dream to join Congress. Gandhi family has been working really very hard.” When questioned him about what he is expecting from the party, Ganesh said he is not expecting anything from the party and said he even said the same to party chief Rahul. Bandla reiterated that he is into Congress to serve.

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