AP Transco Line Inspector with Estimated INR 100 Crore Assets

A series of raids were carried out by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in five locations in Nellore and Prakasham districts of Andhra Pradesh yesterday, against a line inspector working for the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (AP Transco). Acting on information received, these raids were conducted at the homes of friends and family members of S. Lakshmi Reddy, a 56-year-old line inspector working with the electricity distribution company and began at 6:30 am. Reddy works at AP Transco in Nellore, and joined government service in 1993, starting out as a simple helper in the company. He was promoted twice in a five-year period and became a line inspector in 2014.


Documents discovered during the raid by the ACB brought to light that Reddy owned six large houses, several vehicles, 9.95 lakh rupees in bank deposits, and 57.5 acres of land, among other things. Some of the land under his ownership was agricultural land, according to the officials who conducted the raids. True to form, most of these assets were in his wife’s name.


No details were known about what exactly tipped the ACB off about Reddy and his disproportionate assets, although it is safe to say that he had been amassing this wealth over a long period of time. Reddy was placed under arrest yesterday and some official final word is awaited regarding his total net worth, and of course, how he managed to accrue it all. Also, no statements were released from his employer as of yet.

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