After I come to power, I change these, says Jagan!

Opposition leader YS Jagan continues his dreams of coming to power. In his fresh statement, Jagan said that he would change all the existing government schools from the Telugu medium schools to English medium schools. And Jagan as usual made severe allegations against Chandrababu Naidu. He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu is behind the Tuni violence in Kapu Reservation movement. Jagan said Naidu is behind the agitators who set off fire to train and a police station. Jagan went onto allege that Naidu has conspired these and threw the blame on YCP. Jagan said several “false” cases were booked against YSRCP leaders in Tuni violence. Jagan vowed to remove all the cases against YSRCP leaders and party activists as soon as he comes to power. Earlier, Jagan’s comments on Kapu Reservation has backfired. Though Jagan retracted his statement, it has further caused the damage politically. Now, Jagan seems to have scored yet another self-goal by alleging that government is behind the violence and unrest.

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