BJP President Visits Madhya Pradesh; Takes Aim at Opposition but Also Confronted by Protesters

Amit Shah, the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made disparaging comments aimed at the Congress Party while on a visit to Madhya Pradesh to drum up support ahead of the upcoming Assembly Polls. Speaking to BJP workers in the Dussehra Maidan at Indore, he said, “In the last four years, the BJP has worked for the benefits to reach every section of the society,” following up on a comment that asked those who questioned the party’s achievements to make known what they had achieved in a four-decade rule.


Shah also insinuated that it was the aim of other parties to not do anything about intruders into the country as these outsiders served their political purpose, promising the audience that it was of the BJP’s highest interest to weed out the intruders so as to promote the welfare of Indian citizens. According to him, this was the reason why there were efforts to identify intruders in several states in India.


The BJP President’s trip is scheduled to take him from Indore to Jhabua, Jaora and finally Ujjain. However, all was not in favor of the party currently in power in India, as protesters showed up on the streets of Indore to protest recent changes to the Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe Act. Protesters included those who belonged to the Karni Sena and Swarn Samaj, and while they attempted to make their voices heard, the police arrested them and put an end to the protests.

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