1,300 Rescued Since in 3 Days in Himachal Pradesh

the rescue effort in addition to the three that have already been in service, and the rescue work of airlifting people to safer areas will continue tomorrow as well. At least 300 laborers employed by the BRO have been stranded since September 22, at a forward point in roads that they were constructing as the rain and snow came down.


According to the Indo Asian News Service, a government official reported that there were still people who needed to be evacuated, saying, “About 400-500 people are still awaiting evacuation. All stranded tourists have been provided food stuff and medical kits and would be evacuated in a day or two, mostly by road as snow clearing operation in Baralacha Pass area is in full swing.” Three hundred people have been rescued by road by the BRO from those who have been safely evacuated or rescued so far. There have been reports of several people who are still stranded Zingzing Bar and Suraj Tal lake areas, although no exact figures have been mentioned.


Himachal Pradesh has seen some of the worst weather and monsoon conditions that it has ever experienced, and apart from the human lives lost, the state is looking at large-scale and expensive repairs to essential infrastructure.

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