Telugu Cinema New Representative of Indian Movie Industry in the US

With earnings for its latest blockbusters drawing more money than most Bollywood movies have managed in the last couple of years, the Telugu Film Industry has been seen as overtaking its Hindi-speaking counterpart for top spot on the global stage. Epic movies like Bahubaali 2, which earned more than 20 million dollars, making it the highest-grossing Indian movie in the US ever, have cast a long shadow over recent Bollywood releases like Baagh 2, which only netted about a million dollars. While analysts have attributed this rise in popularity of Telugu cinema to the rise of Telugu people making their way to the US for jobs, mostly in the Information Technology sector, it appears that advancements in computer graphics and set design have led to these movies becoming more popular with a largely English-speaking, non-Indian viewer base as well.


In a twist to the success of Bollywood at home in India, it appears that Hollywood is making a stronger statement and winning over converts from what could at one time have been described as a Hindi-speaking audience that would lap up any movie that was made by the Hindi film industry. Hollywood has adopted a more scientific approach to how it goes about creating the buzz for a movie in India, more than simply releasing movies with dubbed dialogue, or trying to view movie-goers with explosive action sequences that are not central to the plot. Using state of the art technology, as well as tried-and-tested measures that include releasing information well in advance of the actual release of movies, sometimes years in advance, Bollywood seems to be taking a backseat on its home turf.

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