Renu Desai reveals her divorce reason with PK

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Former Wife, Renu Desai in a Special Interview literally dropped a Bomb on the actor-politician and his fans. When asked about the reason for the divorce, she mentioned that Pawan Kalyan has got a daughter from another woman without my knowledge after living together for 11 years. She asked how the supporters of him would feel if they are in her place. Renu Desai has started a new phase of life by engaging with another guy the last month. Since then a section of Pawan Kalyan fans is hounding her for the second marriage. Some are even threatening her with killing and some are demanding that she should send Akira to his father immediately. These threats have got prominent coverage in a section of media. Finally, Pawan Kalyan intervened to control them. He tweeted wishing her on the occasion but she did not reciprocate to the message of Pawan Kalyan. Even after Pawan Kalyan’s message, the threats did not stop and finally, Renu was forced to open up. Renu Desai tied the knot with the Tollywood star in 2009 and the couple divorced in 2012. They have a son Akira and a daughter Aadhya. Pawan Kalyan had a son and daughter from his third marriage with Russian-origin wife Anna Lezhneva.

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