Prakash Raj gives support to actress’s sexual assault claims

Actress Sruthi Hariharan has opened a can of worms in the Kannada film industry, after she accused actor Arjun Sarja of sexually harassing her. Since the event, several people from across the film industry have voiced their views and while some of them have question Sruthi’s intentions, she has found support from colleagues such as Shraddha Srinath and Prakash Raj. “The next time you see a woman being called names for voicing her opinion, her character being assassinated, being slut shamed or body shamed, stand up for her. Don’t be a silent spectator. Do THAT instead of sending WhatsApp forwards. We don’t need your wishes. They mean nothing.” Shraddha posted on Twitter. Actor Prakash Raj, while referring to Arjun Sarja as the “pride of Kannada cinema”, also came to Shruti’s support. “Sruthi Hariharan is a very talented actor. And let’s not forget, Arjun Saraj is a seasoned actor and a pride of Kannada cinema. But, we should also understand the helplessness, the humiliation and the pain that Sruthi has gone through alone all these days. Even as Arjun has denied allegations, there is nothing wrong in seeking an apology for his behaviour at the time. It will show him as magnanimous.

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