Parasite movie oscars 2020: The South Korean film wowing the world.

Parasite movie Oscars 2020 : Parasite has already won 150 awards and could be the first non-English film to win the Best Film title at the Oscars.

The class-conscious dark comedy has been extremely successful around the world. According to Box Office Mojo, a sales tracking service, Parasite has grossed more than $ 160.8 million worldwide since its release. It also took home the prestigious Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival. It also grabbed an “outstanding achievement” for its cast at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The stakes get even higher.

Parasite may win the Oscar for Best Picture on February 10. Bong Joon-ho becomes the first foreign language film to make history. It has won now by the updated time. Parasite wins best award for screenplay at oscars 2020

“Of course it would be a big deal to win [Best Movie],” Kim Kyung Hyun, professor of East Asian studies at the University of California Irvine, told Al Jazeera. “Deserves it? Yes, it deserves … The first foreign language title to win an Oscar for the best picture? That would be something, wouldn’t it?”

National pride

Even without a best picture victory, the worldwide phenomenon of the Vanity Fair magazine “Parasite Fever” South Korea has a lot to offer. The success of the film differs from the enthusiasm of fans for K-pop acts like BTS or BLACKPINK and even from the great popularity of Korean fashion and beauty brands. Parasite movie Oscars 20

“I am proud of the success of Parasite. It is the first time in history that we [Koreans] are recognized not only by filmmakers and critics, but by the general public,” said Kim Su-ji, a media representative of industrial workers. “The fact that it was made by Koreans in Korean and still loved and seen around the world is amazing. It shows that a film doesn’t have to be in English to be ‘watchable’.”

“I am proud that, as a Korean, represents the creative side of Korea, which is not widely praised,” agreed Kim Eun-ji, a human resources officer who saw the film. “Parasite shows a completely different side of Korean culture than what is currently on display.”

Despite the national pride, the director of Parasite still responds to its success with a shrug and a humble joke. Bong Joon-ho hit the headlines late last year after apparently declining the importance of an upcoming Oscar win.

Parasite movie oscars 2020 : It is the first South Korean film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Film.

Best Director, or Best International Feature Film also . “… it’s not a big deal,” he told a journalist at Vulture. “The Oscars are not an international film festival. They are very local.”

Bong’s confidence may stem from the fact that he has already built a career in the world of international film.

His apocalyptic thriller, Snowpiercer, earned more than $ 86.7 million worldwide. While Okja – a 2017 film that was funded with $ 50 million from Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. After its release by Netflix worldwide caused a sensation.

“We should criticize the Oscars. But at the same time, it is true that the Oscars bring some kind of brand awareness, and I think Parasite’s nomination touches on how the South Korean film has achieved more and more international success.” Anthony Yooshin Kim, visiting professor of American Studies at Williams College, told Al Jazeera.

“But it’s interesting that Parasite is the film that makes this breakthrough. Because the South Korean film industry has proven to be extremely competitive over the past 25 years.”

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