My health is just fine, don’t speculate’ says Rana

With false rumours continuing to be spread about Rana Daggubati’s health condition, the actor has taken to Twitter to put the record straight. “Hearing lots of strange things about my health, I’m fine guys just some Blood Pressure based issues I’m addressing. Will be fixed and sorted soon. Thanks for the concern and love but don’t speculate it’s my health not yours (sic),” the ‘1945’ actor today said. He recently postponed the Kerala schedule of Prabhu Solomon’s ‘Aranya’ (‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ in Hindi) because of an impending eye surgery. Since it’s monsoons in Kerala, he deferred the schedule out of abundant caution. As per his father Suresh Babu, the handsome actor will be treated in a foreign country for the eye problem in near future. There is no kidney-related ailment that is ailing Rana.

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