Gauthamante Radham online streaming partner digital release date

To begin with, Amazon prime video ott is the Malayalam movie Gauthamante Radham online streaming partner. Gauthamante Radham digital release date should be between 25th and 29th of April 2020. In short, Amazon prime video ott has bagged the Gauthamante Radham digital rights. This movie revolves around the family and a car. The team shot the film in a very limited budget.

Gauthamante radham amazon prime

The film would be released in DVD versions by mid-May 2020, and the DVD of the films would be available on Prime Video after the film’s digital premiere.

Gauthamante Radham movie Star Cast

The film stars Neeraj Madhav, Devi Ajith, Renjoi Panikar and Vasla Menon in leading roles. Basil Jopshep and Anand Menon managed the 24 crafts of this film. The film had hit the theatres on January 31, 2020 in the Malayalam Languge.

Gauthamante Radham ott digital release date

“The film shows the three phases of Gauthaman’s (Neeraj) life. Neeraj has a youthful innocence about him, he’s the boy next door who, in my opinion, was able to tell what I was up to, ”says the 25-year-old. The film shows what the first car in a family means to them – “the emotional bond they feel with the vehicle”.

Gauthamante Radham malayalam movie digital rights

The funny side of ‘Gauthamante Radham’ shows itself in the inferiority of a young person when he involuntarily owns a car. Still, the extended comedy, in which the tiny size of the car is ridiculed, barely gives life to the content. Neeraj Madhav plays Gauthaman, the son of Palakkad-based postmaster Ramachandran (Renji Panicker) and Sreelu (Devi Ajith). He has been very close to his grandmother (Valsala Menon) since childhood. When the family moves to Kochi, Gautham’s father announces that the family needs a car. So Gautham goes to a driving school. Shibhu (Biju Sopanam) is the owner of driving school. Gautham gets a driver’s license. So watch gauthamante radham online streaming on amazon prime video ott.

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You can watch this malayalam movie online or Gauthamante radham movie free download and watch online facility is available on no of unauthorized sites. You can check or google them easily. We recomend to watch your favourite movies only in Ott platforms in HD. In conclusion, you can watch Gauthamante Radham movie online on Amazon prime.

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