Disco raja digital release date : When will it stream on Sun Nxt OTT.

Disco Raja digital rights for Sun Nxt.

Disco raja digital release date : Mass MahaRaja Ravi Teja has recently emerged as Disco Raja. It is already known that Sun Nxt has acquired the disco raja digital rights for this film. This Revenge drama will be available on Sun Nxt from March 15th.

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Disco raja ott release date.

Disco Raja directed by Vi Anand was released on January 24th. Ram Talluri financed this revenge drama with Ravi Teja and Nabha Natesh as the main actors. The film received a mixed response from the critics. But at the box office the film ended up being a flop. Ravi Teja has not had a good time at the box office since returning with Raja The Great. With the exception of Raja The Great, every other film was a box office mistake. He was very confident that this film would break the flop series. Unfortunately, the film was just another one in the series.

Back in the science laboratory, the dead man comes back, but has no memory of his identity. The chief scientist wants him to be just an experimental laboratory rat and warns his team – Parineeti (Tanya Hope) and Phalguni (Vennela Kishore) – not to trigger his memory. But we know how science fiction films work. The topic doesn’t stay in the lab for long.

The family that is waiting for Vasu and his lover Nabha (Nabha Natesh), who is trying to make her happy, are all familiar territory and also quite boring.

The real story begins when the risen man frees himself and wears his headphones, a vestige of his past. The memories race one after the other. so this is about Disco raja digital release date updates.

Ravi Teja is busy filming Krack for his next film. Gopichand Malineni is directing this action entertainer is , while Sruthi Hassan is in the movie as a heroine. Krack team has a plan to release their movie on May 8 this summer. This film will be a career that decides for Ravi Teja and he also has high hopes for this film.

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