Bheeshma movie twitter review : full fun and catchy. Starring Nitin & Rashmika

Hero Nitin has got a commercial hit. Bheeshma has met expectations. The film has all the commercial elements the audience needs. Especially comedy. Bheeshma movie twitter review is engaging and has loads of fun.

Expectations of ‘Bheeshma’ grew hugely after the promotional activities and the huge success of the songs and trailer. Those who have seen the film say that Bhishma has met these expectations. ‘Bheeshma’ came out in front of the audience on Friday as a Mahashivaratri 2020 gift. Premiere shows have already begun in the US. Those who have seen the movie have expressed their views via Twitter. Most of them tweeted that the movie is great and that the comedy is big.

Bheeshma Nitin movie has loads of fun and entertainment : reviews.

Bheeshma first half is fast. It is another ‘Heartbreak Gallantaiyinde’. The range of comedy is so. The Interval Twist also claims to have blown away. Some people are tweeting that first half is all time pass stuff. The director pulls a lot of fun scenes without boring anywhere. Nitin Characterization is Super. Nitin has found the perfect roll after several days later. Some people say that the singles screening is great.

There is also a little lag in the second half, Some how covered it with commercial elements and comedy. Overall, the movie is a hit. Many tweeted that it was a perfect movie with commercial elements and sharing good entertainment. Rashmi Mandana has always done justice to her role. The comedy scenes in the combo pack Vennela Kishore and Raghubabu combinations is Adurs.

Bheeshma movie twitter review collections & expectations

Bheeshma’, recalling the success of the last few scenes of the film and its director, Venkatesh kudumula comedy.  But the movie is said to be a hit. Currently there is no big movie competing with Bheeshma. So, at the box office, the expectations are high. They say the film has made a pre-release business of Rs 20 crore worldwide. So, not only does the film reach this mark, it also brings benefits to producer and distributors. This is bheeshma movie twitter review.

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