Alia Bhatt mother Soni razdan says Afzal guru may be a scape goat.

‘Why did the victim goat?’ Question of Alia bhatt mother on the execution of Afzal Guru

This is a parody of justice. If he is innocent, who will bring him back? Because of this, the death penalty should not be easily used. Why Afzal Guru was made a scapegoat?

Davinder singh name in Afzal Guru’s letter.

Mumbai: After the arrest of DCP Davinder Singh, the issue of Afzal Guru’s death has raised his head once again. Afzal Guru was hanged on February 7. But there was talk of Davinder Singh’s name in his letter. In his letter to his lawyer, Afzal had made several revelations about the name of Davinder Singh.

A few days ago, Afzal’s wife Tabassum had demanded Rs one lakh from Davinder Singh to release her husband from jail. Now Alia Bhatt’s mother, Sonia Rajdan, has raised the question mark on the execution of Guru. In a tweet, Sony Rajan said, ‘This is a parody of justice. If he is innocent, who will bring him back? Because of this, the death penalty should not be easily used. Why should Afzal be made the victim’s scapegoat? ‘

Sony did not stop saying that, “he said in a later tweet,” Nobody is saying he was innocent. But he was harassed. The matter should have been investigated properly. Why the allegations made by Afzal Guru against Davinder Singh were not taken seriously. ‘

Jammu and Kashmir administration on Monday seized complimentary sheets of DGP and other complimentary sheets from suspended Deputy Superintendent of Police Davinder Singh. Besides, Davinder Singh, along with three militants arrested along with Hizbul commander Nawab Babu, are being interrogated. Afzal Guru, the main accused in the attack on Parlaiment , was hanged in Tihar jail in Delhi on February 4. According to police, Afzal Guru, a terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed, was the victim of the attack.

Mukesh bhatt, Soni Razdan, alia bhatt relationship.

Soni Razdan is wife of Mahesh bhatt known bollywood film producer. Bhatt attended Don Bosco High School in Matunga. During his school days, Bhatt started summer jobs to make money while promoting products. He was introduced to the film director Raj Khosla by acquaintances. Bhatt thus began as an assistant director to Khosla. Bhatt married his first wife Kiran (née Lorraine Bright), whom he had met as a student. His romance with her was the inspiration for his film Aashiqui. Mahesh Bhatt and Kiran had two children (Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt), but his marriage faltered after the difficulties of his early career. Bhatt later fell in love with the actress Soni Razdan and married her. Bhatt and Soni have two daughters, Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

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