It raid on Tamil actor Vijay, his house and AGS entertainment about Income tax.

The film financier allegedly interviewed 65 crores as actor Vijay. So there is a income tax raid in vijay house.

Income tax officials allege that their investigation revealed uncontrolled transactions between Anbu Cheliyan and Vijay. Tamil actor Vijay is still interviewed today. It raid vijay details are here.

Off-balance sheet transactions between financier and Vijay: officials
AGS Cinemas produced the Vijay star super hit Bigil last year
The BJP had opposed its film Mersal, released in October 2017

Chennai: Income tax officials raided a powerful financier in the Tamil film industry for Rs 65 crore. The sources said when they interviewed actor Vijay yesterday. Tax officers raided the properties of AGS Cinemas and film financier Anbu Cheliyan in Madurai and interviewed Vijay about a suspected tax evasion case. The Vijay’s house in Chennai was under search yesterday.

AGS Entertainment and Tamil actor vijay under Income tax raid on.

“The count is still running and the total seizure is likely to increase,” said an official. Stay with for more Tamil actor vijay news.

Officials claim their investigation uncovered undetected transactions between Anbu Cheliyan and Vijay. So they raided the actor’s house on East Coast Road outside of Chennai. Vijay is still with some questions against him today also. Vijay income tax raid details are still coming in.

AGS Cinemas produced the Vijay star super hit Bigil last year.

“The AGS Group(AGS entertainment) and the financier have been under our watch for some time regarding their films,” said a senior executive at NDTV.

Vijay, son of seasoned film director SA Chandrasekhar, some say he has interest to promote political ambitions.

The BJP in Tamil Nadu and the ruling AIADMK opposed his film Mersal.

Any how it release happened in October 2017. It contained dialogues related critical for the tax on goods and services (GST) and the ban on banknotes.

The BJP had called for cuts in Mersal. It claimed that some dialogues were “falsehoods” about GST and the Centre’s Digital India campaign.

After the introduction of the GST, around 1,000 cinemas protested against GST. They closed the theatres for days in protest against the imposition of a corporate tax in Tamil Nadu. Now actor vijay has income tax issues. If is false news that actor vijay arrested.

Officials denied reports that the actor came to Chennai with them yesterday from his filming location in the Cuddalore district. “We were extremely polite. It was Vijay who decided to end up at home where his wife was when the searches were carried out. We know that he is a big star and that our senior officials had given specific instructions. We have to treat him with the greatest courtesy. ” Officer said.

The searches occured at 38 locations in Tamil Nadu. Income tax officials say the research was on evidence only and no political connotation is in the raid.

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