What is an alkaline water ionizer | 5 types of Kangen water and purpose.

What is a water ionizer ?

Water ionizer is a useful Kitchen appliance. The main purpose of water ionizer is to make and drink healthy ionized alkaline water.

What is the difference between water ionizer and Water purifier ?

Till now most of us know what is safe water or clean water. A water purifier can give us clean or safe or purified water. Clean water means water that does not contain any contamination. Thats all.

Clean water Vs (Clean and healthy) drinking water.

First it is clean water. Clean water by default can not do any good to improve our health in any way. Once it clean water comes out of a water ionizer then it becomes clean and also healthy drinking water. The process that happens inside water ionizer is not purification. It is called water electrolysis.

Electrolysis does not happen by membranes. It happens with electrodes that have two poles 1)cathode negative pole 2) anode positive pole.

Healthy ionized alkaline water forms at catode of the electrode. Acidic water for other purpose forms at anode. Both are useful. If we understand and use a water ionizer properly. There is no water wastage in water ionizer.

What are the benefits of Healthy ionized alkaline water in general ?

Antioxidant property :- Can remove free radicals and boost body immune power. Can help us in prevention of any disease. also helps us in revival from any modern health disorder. This water is rich in active hydrogen. Active hydrogen is the most safe and scientific proven method to fight oxiidative stress and free radicals.

Remember Healthy ionized alkaline water ALONE is not miracle cure for any disease. But it is very useful and applicable in fighting any disease. It forms an important component of a healthy lifestyle for anyone.

Alkaline property :- After free radicals the next worrysome causing factor for health is acidosis. A factor that tries to disturb your body pH balance. There is heavy acidic environment around us. Drinking mild alkaline water in some quantity will help us to restore right pH balance. Balance over acidic conditions with mild alkaline water. Thats it.

Detoxification and better hydration :- Both are different. Both mean seperate. But both are different sides of the same coin. when you have the first one automatically you have the second one.

Long term benefits of drinking Kangen Water.

Water inside human body is the primary medium for both. It is important to take good very much inside. Equally important to get the bad out of the human body.

Take good like oxygen,vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. Get rid of bad like toxins and acidic impurities. Both depend on factor how well our human body cells absorb the water we drink.

In regular water 20 to 25 molecules form a cluster. This is macro cluster. It is difficult to absorb this kind of water when compared to ionized alkaline water.

But ionized alkaline water will have micro clusters. A cluster with 4 to 6 molecules. This cluster is easy for body cells to absorb. Then higher levels of hydration and deeper levels of detoxification happen with ionized alkaline water.

In conclusion, if you are looking for safe or clean water. You have your water purifier and you can buy water purifer if you do not have. This is similar and same to some popular brands selling drinking water in cans. If you want the benefits of healthy water and want to drink healthy water Then you need a water ionizer.

5 ph types of water with alkaline water ionizer

Alkaline water machine. House hold waters.

Any body wants to buy a water ionizer or alkaline water ionizer only to have health benefits. Healthy ionized alkaline water for drinking purpose is the first target. But quality water ionizers make 5 types or 6 types of pH variation waters. We can select from the control panel which pH variant water or which purpose water you want to derive from water ionizer. Want to read news about a budget water ionizer under one lakh in india.

Strongest alkaline water :- Called 11.5 pH in a kangen water machine or called Turbo level 4 strong alkaline water in Tyent water ionizer. This type of water is strictly not for drinking. We can soak our fruits, vegetables, meat etc with this water. Now a days farmers are using oil based pesticides that do not wash out with rain. If you soak our fruits and vegetables with normal water for a minute or two. The pesticide contamination do not wash out and it enters human body when we cook it. We can get rid of this pesticide layer or insecticide outer layer on green vegetables and fruits by soaking them in Super strongest alkaline water around 11 pH for 20 minutes.

Tyent alkaline water benefits.

Ionized alkaline water for regular drinking :- This water is for regular drinking. All the benefits we discussed above are associated with this water. Its pH variation can range between 8.0 pH to 9.5 pH. In tyent water ionizer we call this water as Level 1 and Level 2 alkaline water for drinking.

Clean water or Neutral water :- We are not supposed to take medicines with alkaline water. This does not mean any person under medication can not drink ionized alkaline water. It means he can not take medicines and water simultaneously, he can take both separate with a interval of 10 to 15 minutes. When taking medicine or preparing baby feed for babies below 3 years we can use this neutral water.

Beauty water is good for skin care and face wash.

Beauty water :- We know that an Tyent alkaline water ionizer separates input water into two streams when we get healthy drinking water on the drinking faucet we get mild acidic water that is called Beauty water on the back water pipe under the water ionizer. This stays aroung a pH of 5.5 or 6.0 This pH of water is equal to our skin pH. We can use this beauty water to take bath or face wash. It gives the feel of toner and little natural glow to skin. Toner effect with out using chemicals.

Strong acidic water :- This water is strictly strictly not for drinking. we call it 2.5 pH water in a kangen water machine and Turbo super strong acidic water in a Tyent water ionizer. This water has sterilizing effect. It has strong disinfectant property. This water is used for cleaning sinks, toilet commodes, floor and also for hand sanitize. This water can be used to spray on skin injuries, wounds on skin and for relief to psoriasis patients.

Is it harmful to drink Reverse Osmosis water? Has WHO banned Ro water in many countries.

Reverse osmosis water means nothing but purified water. If your water has contamination, harmful minerals, bacteria and virus. Reverse osmosis water is the solution. But the process of Reverse osmosis has so many long term disadvantages. The best way to over come the disadvantages of Reverse osmosis water is to add a water ionizer after it. Because water ionizer can convert the banes in your RO water into boons with healthy ionized alkaline water.

Is your drinking water safe ?

If you drink municipal Tap water or Ground water under TDS of 300 directly for some days, you do not face any feverish conditions or vomits. Then you water is already safe you may not require a water purifer. If you experience above conditions switch to water purifier.

You can install your water ionizer directly if your drinking water is safe you do not require water purifier. If your drinking water is not safe then you have to install a water ionizer only after a water purifier.

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