Praveen Kumar Team Ind pacer reveals that he almost committed suicide.

Praveen Kumar addresses his psychological problems; reveals that he almost committed suicide.

Praveen kumar biography pace bowler.

Praveen Kumar is an Indian cricketer who has played One Day International cricket for his country and first class cricket for Uttar Pradesh in India. He was born on July 2, 1986 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. His father Sakat Singh is a police chief in Meerut. His mother is Smt. Murti Devi. Praveen Kumar is a jat by Khaiwal Gotra from the village of Laprana in the Muzaffar Nagar district of Shamli. He was a part of indian cricket team for few days.

He is a medium-speed bowler with right arms who relies on his ability to swing the ball in both directions, along with the line and length over speed. Because of its ability to swing the ball, it is most effective when it receives the new ball. Not only is he a great opening bowler, he’s also an effective and aggressive spanking player who sometimes even surprises the opponent by opening innings. He played his role in both domestic cricket and also for national indian cricket team.

Praveen is facing some mental health problems.

In an exclusive conversation with the Indian Express, Praveen Kumar explained how he had dealt with mental health problems in recent years and explained that he was also about to end his own life.

Indeed, Praveen admitted quite shockingly that he had ventured onto a freeway off Meerut a few months ago and decided to pull the trigger himself. At that point, the pacemaker had countless thoughts in his head, one of which dominated his thinking.

I said to myself: ‘Kya hai yeh sab? Bas khatam card grove (what is it all? Just let me finish it).
Fortunately, the fast bowler finally decided against it, although he needed every gram of energy to convince himself. For Praveen, things had been so pear-shaped since his last cricket competition that he felt isolated and stranded on an island with which he could hardly identify.

But the thought that he would leave his children in an uncomfortable place prompted him to put the gun aside and return to his house in Uttar Pradesh on a cold winter morning.

It became clear to me that I cannot do this with my students (innocent children), but can get them through this hell. I turned around.
At the beginning of the last decade, India was pleased with the prospect of having a real “magician” in its ranks. Praveen Kumar, who managed to get the ball talking, was touted for exceptional conquests, especially after he took the world by storm during the 2007-08 Commonwealth Bank Series Down Under.

Still, it disintegrated, quite discouraging, which meant he had to stay away from cricket for years, a sight that kept consuming him. The demons became so recognizable that the fast bowler even thought about ending his own life a few months ago.

Kumar doing good now with recovery therapy.

During his career, Praveen often embodied the carefree, happy personality that everyone wants. Deep inside, the Pacer wasn’t just fighting the opposition. More depressingly, he tried to convince himself that it was still light at the end of the tunnel.

He then opted for therapy in which he regularly informed the doctor that he felt more lonely than ever and could not completely switch off his thoughts.

He also shared that he hoped to return to cricket in some way, especially with Uttar Pradesh, to fill the cricket-like void that threatened to undo all the good work he had previously done.

Lately there have been cricketers who have spoken about how mental health should come first, especially when it comes to professional athletes who are in the pressure pot of the sports world.

It is hoped, therefore, that the bravery that Praveen shows will also help other cricketers to move forward and speak openly about their mental health problems.

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