The Amazing Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy. ozone treatment for skin.

Have you ever heard about ozone therapy? Besides being found on the stratosphere that protects us, ozone is a gas with many different uses and is beneficial for the human body. Did you know that? Many people already know about ozone therapy, an alternative therapy that we are using now and it was in study for over 150 years.

Ozone therapy benefits for skin

Research around Ozone Therapy

According to researchers, they found ozone in 1840. German Doctors started using it in health in the 19th century. The procedure was disseminated throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Cuba, and in 23 states of the USA. This therapy uses ozone both in the liquid and gas forms, which can be applied in many ways. Applications can be like endovenous, intramuscular, andrectal, for treating different medical conditions.

The gas form has around 5% ozone and 95% oxygen. An equipment called Ozone generator produces this gas. During World War One, it was used to disinfect wounds, as an anti-inflammatory, and to improve the blood flow of soldiers. But today, ozone therapy is used to improve the oxygenation of tissues, for blood flow, and to reduce pain and inflammations.

Ozone gas used widely in different applications

Also, ozone has important bactericide, fungicide, and antiviral properties. Isn’t it amazing? A study reviewed in 2011 reports that ozone therapy had therapeutic effects when used for: Arthritis treatment, disinfection of wounds, strengthening of the immune system, fight HIV and SARS, treatment of ischemic heart diseases, macular degeneration, and cancer. Attention: It is important to know that only qualified professionals can prescribe the dose and way of application of ozone therapy.

Also, ozone is an unstable and harmful gas when we inhale it in. We need to create it under specific methods and equipment. Today, ozone therapy has many different uses and is gaining more and more space in health. We can find this in beauty clinics and shows some significant benefits for people. Besides everything we already mentioned, ozone also works to sanitize foods, like fruits and vegetables, mattresses, and barns. We can use it on beauty treatments to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This therapy can be useful to improve joint pain, chronic pains, disc herniation, disc protrusion, and lumbar pain.

Benefits on skin from ozone therapy

Ozone contributes to treating colitis and other chronic intestinal inflammations, improves viral diseases, such as hepatitis and herpes. It also helps in the treatment of different types of cancer, helping fight tumors and reducing the side-effects of radio and chemotherapy. Finally, we can use it as ozonated oils for massages. All of that is incredible, isn’t it? People who do ozone therapy usually report some side-effects similar to a cold, with a reduction of symptoms in time.

In cases of rectal application, the patient may feel discomfort, cramps, and gas, but it is temporary. It is worth remembering that you must never inhale ozone, as it may burn, cause coughing, nausea, vomiting and headaches. In some cases, it may cause respiratory complications. Have you ever done ozone therapy? Do you know someone who has?

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