Oneplus Z wireless earphones simple review and price in India

When OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro phones, it also launched new wireless earbuds. Compared to the Wireless Bullets and Wireless Bullets V2, however, these differ slightly. With the earlier headphones, OnePlus pursued premium sound at relatively affordable prices. In particular, the OnePlus Bullets V2 offered users great sound quality at a not-so-expensive price. OnePlus is pursuing a different goal with the Bullets Z. The point now is not to give consumers the absolute best sound, but rather a decent sound at a cheaper price. This is why the Bullets Z price is at Rs 1,999. It is considerably cheaper than the Bullets V2 which cost Rs 4,490. Yes we are talking about oneplus z wireless earphones bullets.

OnePlus has achieved its goal, as India Today Tech finds in this review. The sound quality, while not great, is good enough and enjoyable in pop music, EDM, and Bollywood songs. The range of functions is right, the design is comfortable and the battery life is magical.

oneplus z wireless earphones review and price in india

OnePlus Bullets Z low price

There’s a reason the OnePlus Bullets Z costs what it does compared to Bullets V2. The OnePlus Bullets Z and Bullets V2 look pretty similar, except for the red accents that were part of the more expensive headphones. While looking the same, the Bullets Z earphones have a plastic case, while the Bullets V2 use metal. However, it has its advantages. Plastic is lighter.

Then there is the hardware. Unlike the 10mm drivers in the Bullets V2, the Bullets Z uses 9.2mm drivers in its buds. It also lacks Knowles Balanced Armature drivers and aptX HD sound support. Audiophile and recognizable listeners will notice the impact these two headphones have on sound quality. Though I didn’t mind that much unless I decided to hear something like Beethoven’s moonlight sonata.

Instead, it’s designed for comfort, convenience, and fun (more on that in a while). The Bullets Z’s earbuds have similar soft rubber tips as the previous OnePlus earbuds. Since these are extremely lightweight earbuds, the soft rubber tips ensure that not only do the earbuds fit snugly in your ears, but are also comfortable for hours.

More about oneplus bullets z wireless earphones

The Bullets Z is wireless, but uses the neckband design. The earbuds are attached via a rubber band, which also contains battery and audio hardware. The battery module on the left has a tiny LED that shows the status while charging or when the Bullets Z is paired with a phone. This module has a multifunction button that can be used to quickly switch between paired devices. On the left side you also have control buttons as well as the microphone.

The build quality of the Bullets Z is fantastic. Rubber and plastic don’t feel cheap in any way, the headphones look durable. They also have IP55 protection against water and sweat. I used them a lot while jogging and given the humidity in Delhi NCR, the headphones drenched in sweat by the time I graduated. No problem. One wipe with a damp cloth and they were as good as new.

Pairing the headphones is easy. It supports Bluetooth 5 , the connectivity range is approx. 8-10 meters. Using Bullets Z with a newer OnePlus phone also promises lower latency, which is helpful when playing games like PUBG and Fortnite. Other phones are likely to have too high latency to provide a good gaming experience for users. The earbuds have magnets. We can use to hold them together. If you pull them apart, they will turn on. If you put them together they will turn off.

OnePlus Z wireless earphones (bullets) ratings summary

So here we are. The One Bullets Z doesn’t sound as good as the Bullets V2. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s a product with a much lower price point and with different goals. The Bullets Z wants to be an everyday companion of your phone. And it works well enough there. The sound quality is mostly good with good music, it works well on calls, once fully charged it goes on and on, it is extremely comfortable to wear, and its buds with soft rubber tips fit snugly and securely in the ears.

And the price is right. For 1,999 rupees, the OnePlus Bullets Z is a high-quality and relatively affordable accessory that is worth pairing with a phone, whether that phone is from OnePlus or another company.

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