Nuzvid IIIT : Young man entered girls hostel and stayed in all day

A young man enters into a triple-IT IIIT women’s hostel in Nuzvid. He stayed in the hostel room all day. Security personnel identified and apprehended the young man.

Nuzvid IIIT College in Krishna District news. A young man broke into a students’ girls hostel and broke into a hallway. He stayed in the students’ hostel room all day. Against this backdrop, the student was caught red-handed by security staff and college faculty on Saturday afternoon. A preliminary inquiry found the college’s management suspending six students from the triple it womens’ hostel.

There seems a fest going on for the past two days in college. As part of this, girls and boys are organizing cultural events together. While everyone else was busy, a second-year student in the same college broke down into the ladies’ hostel. The girl students also contributed to this act.

The college management identified six suspects. Security staff smashed the door of the girls’ dormitory and found the young man under the bed. They took the young man into custody security personnel. Preliminary inquiries have suspended ownership of six, confirming the involvement of students in entering the youth hostel. Nuzvidu Triple IT, which has been in the news lately with many controversies, has come up with a sensational issue once again.

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