Guntur district and macherla town Corona cases news updates today

Guntur news today. From today The district administration has made this clear. They would be implementing lock down more seriously. They have stopped the Darshan in Mangalagiri Panakala swamy temple till 14th april. Special survey teams will tour in Guntur city. They will analyse the spread ratio of cases in Mangal das nagar, Bus station road and other areas in Guntur city. Govt has planned to deliver civil supplies, rice and pensions. Guntur Macherla news today.

Corona virus statistics from Guntur district by health officer Yasmin.

The guntur health officer is Yasmin madam. Dept has sent samples of 77 people taking treatment in Guntur fever hospital and Katuri hospital. They are waiting for reports about corona effect on them. In an announcement officer has clarified, out of total 142 samples sent from guntur district 61 have turned negative. There are four coronavirus positive cases in guntur district as of now. 2087 people are in home quarantine and observation of doctors. 200 people are in special quarantine centers run by district authority. This is 31st march 2020 update.

High alert in Macherla town and karamchedu area.

Macherla small town in guntur district is in news suddenly. The town has 4 new corona virus positive cases now today. Govt has raised high alert and rigorous campaign among public to stay at home. There is an area where the cases have come. The govt has declared it as Red zone. There were only two cases earlier. Yesterday we have identified two more. Guntur Macherla news today is here.

Again these cases have link to Delhi Nizamuddin prayers. A total 8 have gone to these prayers. First two people out of eight have turned postive. Now another two from their families have added. There is bad situation in two streets of the town.

A total of 29 members from the town are suspected. Health dept has taken them to guntur for testing and sampling. The process is going on. Patients their contacts and contacts’ contacts. Health dept, Muncipal, Police teams every body are working hard day and night to identify and isolate these set of people from others.

Eggs and chicken price in guntur

Eggs farmer price is 4.50 rupees. Retail price is 4.60 Rs. Chicken venkob with skin rate is rs 145 per kg. Skinless chicken price per kg is rs 155. Suguna chicken with skin price is rs 140. Suguna chicken with out skin price is rs 150.

Gold price in guntur news today.

Today 24k gold price in Guntur is 41,520 per 10 grams. 22k gold price in guntur per 10 grams is 39,540.

Petrol and LPG price in guntur.

Petrol price in guntur is rs 74.68. LPG cylinder price in guntur today is rs 853.

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