Deepika Padukone at WEF said “Faced mental problems depression”

Deepika Padukone revealed, suddenly became unconscious at home during depression earlier.

Deepika told about her days of struggle, she kept lying to people for a long time when asked how she was, she said very good.

Actress Deepika Padukone has recently been awarded the ‘Crystal Award’ by the World Economic Forum for her work on mental health. Deepika left for Switzerland after taking this award. There he met Dr. Tedros Adnom Ghebreyas, director of WHO.

Dr. Tedros has posted a picture of Deepika on her Twitter account. She had a great time with Deepika and talked a lot about her mental health. He said, ‘Mental feet are very important for every human being, life without a person is useless.’

While talking to the director of WHO, Deepika told about her struggle days, she kept lying to people for a long time when asked how are they, she said very good. While she was very upset in those days. She had become a victim of mental illness at that time, but did not want to tell anyone her problems.

Deepika also told about an incident that happened with her during this time. He said, one day she fell down from her bed and no one was at home. In such a situation, she came to work and took him to the doctor. She said that she would wake up every morning and try to laugh and be happy, but then I used to get depressed.

While advancing his talks, Deepika said that if this happens to you at any time, then you should not keep your things under pressure. Do share your things with someone, you will never become a victim of depression like illness. He also told that in our country, parents do not sit with their children and try to understand their problems, but they continue to cheat on the children, it increases their problem even more.

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