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New Delhi: To begin with, Curfew passes are a must for travel between Delhi and its neighboring areas tomorrow, the Delhi police announced today as the government has concerns about the blockade violations. The number of coronavirus cases go up to 29 in Delhi. Curfew imposed in delhi strictly from tomorrow. The government of Arvind Kejriwal, announced strict restrictions yesterday. They swept public traffic off the streets and closed shops and businesses. But excluding only essential goods and services among the closed. Yes curfew in delhi from today.

Is there curfew in Delhi now

The government said that only people who work for essential services can travel in private vehicles. To this end, the Delhi police said people should have ID cards if they are working in private companies. Government employees can use their ID cards.

Coronavirus in Delhi updates today

Mr. Kejriwal had said 25 percent of the state buses would go on roads to make their journey easier. The number has now increased to 50 percent.

In conclusion, the Delhi police said this evening: “For the movement of people involved in essential goods and services, the Delhi-based organizations concerned need to be curfewed by their respective police headquarters.”

More severe lock down in Delhi from tomorrow.

NCR-based organizations can contact the offices of the closest Delhi District Police to get curfews for their staff entering Delhi.

Police say that they have taken strict measures against those who violate Section 144 prohibition orders that prohibit large gatherings. Curfew imposed in Delhi in terms of measures.

Delhi Shut down

But the blockade – which now covers 20 states and Union territories – didn’t have the desired effect and there were people who didn’t take it seriously, the government said. Today, the center asked the state governments to take action against people who violate restrictions.

In a Hindi tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Many people are still not taking the ban seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I urge the state governments to ensure that rules and regulations Laws are observed. ” The country registered 37 new cases of the virus today, increasing the number to 415. Of these, 41 are foreigners and seven people died.

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