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No randomized clinical trials with reusable fabric cotton cloth face mask. Want to reach best wholesaler of face mask in Hyderabad . we have the details. What happens when we analyze the effects of fabric masks in the real world? Frustratingly, the search for good data starts to diverge at all seams. No randomized clinical trials have been conducted using reusable fabric face masks.

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A 2004 study in China looked at behaviors that could put people at risk of developing severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by another strain of coronavirus, Sars-1. The virus has properties similar to the new corona virus.

The study reduced the risk of infection by 70% in a group of people who always wore masks. However, the study did not specify the type of mask used, although cloth masks have long been more popular in Asia than anywhere else.

A study from Hong Kong that analyzed 1,192 cases of infection showed similar results.

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Cloth masks “better than no protection”

The available research suggests that cloth masks – bought in-store or made in-house – play a role in slowing the spread of the new corona virus. In the worst case, they appear to be somewhat less effective than surgical masks. At best, they could dramatically surpass surgical masks.

The Public Health England team concluded that “a homemade cotton cloth face ask should only be considered as a last resort to prevent droplet transmission from infected people, but better than no protection”.

Even a simple mask with gaps, such as a tea towel, reduces the amount of virus that an infected person releases. The community is protected by collecting a few droplets that are expelled when you cough, sneeze or speak.

However, more complex designs are required for a fabric mask to provide real protection to the wearer. This would likely require multiple layers of fabric and a secure fit to prevent air currents from sneaking around the mask.

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We have to use cotton cloth face mask in Hyderabad responsibly.

We have come up with a promising result for anyone thinking about making their own face mask. However, this potential new weapon against the corona virus has certain responsibilities.

Here is some advice from the South African Ministry of Health guidelines on fabric masks.

The mask must cover both the nose and the face. Don’t touch it and don’t lower it to speak. Make or buy two masks so you can wear one while the other is being washed.

If you wear a mask outside, be sure to remove it when you get home. Wash your hands first. Do not touch the part of the mask that covers your face while loosening rubber bands, straps or knots. Remove the mask by holding it by the straps. Wash your hands again after removing them.

cotton cloth washable mask

How should masks be disinfected for reuse?

The US Centers for Disease Control recommend disinfecting used fabric masks in the washing machine.

If you don’t have a washing machine, disinfect the mask by placing it in boiling water for about a minute. This will disable all viruses, but repeated cooking will wear out the mask. Investigation about exact speed is under progress.

When you iron your fabric mask, we expose the mask to temperatures of 180 to 220 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat destroys any virus in less than a minute. How repeated ironing can affect filtration remains to be determined.

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Not all disinfection methods are safe for the filtering ability of a mask. Some methods can damage the finely woven network of fibers. Soaking masks in 75% alcohol and drying them, or disinfecting them based on chlorine or bleach, significantly reduced the filterability of a cotton mask.

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