Kangen water buy online. Has enagic made it so simple.

To begin with you want to buy kangen water online ? You are searching about an alkaline water ionizer right. An alkaline water ionizer is beneficial kitchen appliance that converts your regular drinking water into healthy drinking water in a process called electrolysis. This healthy drinking water is alkaline in nature and also loaded with concentration of molecular hydrogen or activated hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen h2 is a gas approved to be beneficial and healthy by medical research and different clinical studies for years.

What is kangen water ?

Kangen water is a marketing brand name of water ionizer manufactured by a company called enagic from Osakha, Japan. It is not a characteristic or property of any healthy water. No doubt this is the most popular water ionizer in the world because of its way of marketing plan called “Referral marketing”. Some of their dealers exaggerate, hype it that this machine is unique, special and has no competition in this world.

Should we buy Enagic kangen water machine online or from any distribution near to us or directly from the Enagic India company ?

As per enagic, Kangen water machine is not sold in stores, area wise distributors, outlets or by online selling platforms. Enagic has 100s of independent global distributors of each town each city and metropolitan. They start their own business by buying one kangen water machine for themselves and automatically get registered as a distributor for the company. New buyers have to buy using the reference code provided by an existing kangen water machine user only.


Is kangen water machine worthy the price tag it displays ?

Well some say yes. Some say no. It depends on your need. If you are lookin for a new business opportunity. You do not have any job or business, have lot of free time, hungry to achieve some thing, patient to play long, want to do business with out much investment and restrictions you can give a try by becoming a Enagic kangen water machine global independent distributor. Remember you will can not gain any area or monopoly to rule. You will have 100s of old senior distributors in the same Frey fighting along your sides to catch up sales.


If you are business person or well employed one looking at a kangen water ionizer for house hold domestic use. You want to give your family some additional heathy protection layer with healthy drinking water. Kangen water may be a good choice but very expensive choice than it is really worth.

Why let us see.
  1. Actually, Kangen water is a good quality water ionizer. It is not the only quality water ionizer in this only certainly not. Its technology is very much similar to other quality brands in the world.
  2. Because you can buy kangen water machine only in MLM type or network marketing or Referral marketing no matter where you buy or through whom you buy or which model you buy you end up paying almost “Double the price” to what competition can give you at similar price. Enagic distributes 40% to 45% of the selling price as commission to nearly 30 in between dealers in the chain to each and every sale they make.
  3. The components used in a kangen water machine are good but not up to latest trends. Electrodes kangen uses that are only strong but not efficient. Power supply they use very old transformers while the competition like Tyent water ionizer is using Hybrid mesh plates that are strong, durable and also efficient. Tyent uses SMPS PLUS power input which is more flexible and programmable.
  4. Any water ionizer can claim the health benefits only by the presence of activated hydrogen or molecular hydrogen. But there is no special built in feature in Kangen water machine to enhance the concentration of molecular hydrogen at drinking safe levels.
  5. Kangen water use unsafe( unsafe claimed by enagic itself on the bottle and also in user manual with warnings) chemicals or electrolysis enhancers to make super strong alkaline water or super strong acidic waters. Though both of these waters are not for drinking but there is a definite chance that the strains of these enhancers mix up with drinking waters too in some times

No easy after sales service and customer care support.

No doubt any quality water ionizer a long term durable product and little expensive one time investment on health. After sales service support and customer care assistance plays very important role to Indian buyers. Indian buyers very much expect this. Unfortunatley, Enagic way of business fails in this regard. Enagic has only one service center in India. If there is any issue inside the machine customer has to take the machine to Bangalore. We have to wait in que with a minimum no of days. Finding proper support in using the machine, replacing filters, ordering enhansers, cleaning solutions are the other issues. Many buyers faced these issues in India in early days. Kangen water buy online contact us on 9182414209.

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