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The Benefits of Using Fabric grow bags Compared to Regular Planters

Pots and planters made from traditional materials such as plastic, terracotta, and metal are a staple in the garden. This is especially true for people who are either building or growing a container garden. When it comes to planters and pots, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the material. These products look the same and eventually serve the same purpose. However, if you are an eco gardener looking to use the best products on your plants, fabric bags might be the best choice for your garden. What are fabric grow bags and how do they differ from your regular planters and pots?

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In today’s post, let’s take a look at the many benefits of using fabric grow bags compared to regular planters and why you should make a switch now:

The basics of bag culture

Before we dive into the pros at using fabric grow bags, it is important to learn more about bag culture. The bag culture became popular in the late 1970s to early 1980s after a massive hurricane damaged most of the greenhouses in the United States. Grow bags became popular simply because they are much more convenient than maintaining a greenhouse, not to mention being able to withstand severe weather. This term simply describes the process of growing a plant from a bag, much like you would use a regular pot to grow a plant. We use this method to extend or expand the available growth media to a plant’s root system.

At some point a plant will grow out of a normal planter. In this case, you’ll either need to use a larger pot to accommodate the plant’s growing root system or plant it directly in the ground. In some cases, an already potted plant may need to be placed in or on top of a growth bag filled with new growth media to encourage root growth. This is why most greenhouse and indoor gardeners prefer to use grow bags to increase the root zone volume of the plants.

Some growers may think that fabric grow bags are just a temporary solution or an optional product that they can live without. Not true at all. We can use grow bags as stand-alone planters for single or multiple plants. Fabric growth bags serve many purposes!


Materials: Fabric Grow Bags VS Regular Planters

Fabric growth bags are made of a permeable, breathable fleece made of polypropylene. Usually these products are available in shades of brown or black. Because the material promotes air circulation and proper drainage, we feel it difficult to over water the plants grown in grow bags.

4 advantages of fabric grow bags

What is air pruning roots.

Potted plants tend to develop tangled root systems. As the roots grow and expand, they form circles that eventually result in a ball of tightly packed roots that inhibit plant growth. When a plant’s root system becomes tangled in circles, it cannot use oxygen, water, and nutrients from the soil. Eventually the roots will begin to encircle the pot, causing structural damage to the plant. In some cases, putrefaction sets in due to poor drainage. This is why it is so important to regularly check and trim the plant roots to avoid girdle roots and to encourage air pruning! Unfortunately, plastic planters are notorious for preventing air pruning.


Air pruning is a process that naturally burns plant roots. When the roots burn naturally, healthier branching roots will grow. With the new fodder roots, the plant can absorb more nutrients and water from the soil, thus accelerating plant growth.

You don’t have the same problem using Fabric grow bags. Fabric Grow bags encourage proper root growth and air pruning. The entire root structure and mass of the plant also improve! In contrast to plastic planters, grow bags do not restrict the absorption of nutrients. These products allow dominant roots to grow without creating a belt.

Temperature control

Did you know that the type of planters you use can affect soil temperature? Certain planting materials, such as plastic and metal, retain more heat from the sun. Most plants are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Pots made of non-breathable materials tend to retain heat, which means that the delicate roots of the plant are “cooked” from the inside and the plant wilts and dies.


Fabric growth bags are made of breathable, permeable material that does not store heat. These products encourage proper air circulation, which cools the floor and allows heat to escape from all sides. This ensures that the system is never exposed to excessive heat.

Minimizes the risk of overwatering

Some plants hate stagnant water while others are overly thirsty. Standing water can cause rot to set in, leading to mold or fungal growth, as well as disease. If you are growing plants that are sensitive to excessive moisture, we strongly recommend using cloth bags. The breathable material of the fabric growth bags allows the water to drain away and keeps the soil moist and never wet. Plants are hard to water over when using cloth bags! Conventional planters, especially those with small drainage holes, hold back excess water. If the plant roots are exposed to excess water, the plant can drown or become sick.

Space-saving and versatile

If you don’t have a lot of room for regular pots, which could take up a lot of space, invest in fabric bags instead. Fabric grow bags are just as sturdy and useful as regular planters and pots, but they are so space efficient. These products will not crack or break under the intense heat if accidentally dropped. Fabric grow bags are easy to move as these products as we use lightweight material to make the grow bags.

In addition, fabric grow bags can be folded and neatly stored without taking up a lot of space. You can reuse cloth bags season after season without worrying about where to put these planters after the growing season is over. Let us check some other types of grow bags. These products are not as durable as those made from non-woven polypropylene because the material is biodegradable. However, biodegradable grow bags are useful when planting delicate plants that are prone to shock transplantation.

Grow bags are an excellent option for gardeners who grow individual plants and herbs. We can use special grow bags to fill a raised bed too. There are special size fabric grow bags to grow microgreens also. Microgreens are superfoods with nutrition, vitamins and other essentials. Microgreens are very easy to grow. If the grow bag is large enough, you can grow multiple plants with a single fabric grow bag!

Green Revoltion Grow Bags are available in different shapes for small to large plants. These sturdy grow bags are durable and will last for years. Subscribe to our mailing list for more gardening tips and other resources.

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