“We must all do more to fight corruption”, UN Secretary-General to World Leaders

Calling on leaders across the world to “strengthen governance and build trustworthy institutions”, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on UN Member nations to do their bit to fight corruption. He also called for the implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption, which was officially adopted by the organization and its members more than a decade ago, but has yet to be acted upon with any conviction by them. Guterres said in a statement on this subject on Monday, September 10, 2018, “The convention’s robust peer review mechanisms have served as a global framework for international cooperation to strengthen prevention, to disrupt money laundering schemes, return stolen proceeds from foreign banks and other necessary actions. I encourage all member states to bring greater resolve to its implementation.”


Drawing a connection between conflict and corruption, Guterres said that it was often times of conflict that saw the rise of corruption, but thereafter, it was often the corruption that was since rooted in that place that got in the way of meaningful restoration and recovery. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime has conducted several large-scale surveys on corruption and found that bribery was rampant in areas that were affected by conflict.


Guterres’s main call to leaders of the world came when he said, “I call on leaders everywhere to listen, to nurture a culture of integrity and to empower citizens to do their part at the grassroots. We must all do more to fight corruption, strengthen governance and build trustworthy institutions that can ensure probity and progress for all.”

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