US Navy Undersea Warfare Plans Hacked by China

It is now being reported that Chinese government hackers had breached the security of a US Navy contractor’s server, back in January and February of this year. What was gained from this hack were, among other things, a supersonic anti-ship missile that US submarines were to be equipped with as part of larger plans for how they would be part of a new undersea warfare scenario, also thought to have been accessed by the hackers. While the FBI has not responded to calls for comment on this, and similarly, the Chinese Embassy emphasizing the fact that the government of the People’s Republic of China “staunchly upholds cyber security, firmly opposes and combats all forms of cyber attacks in accordance with law,” according a spokesperson from the embassy, it remains to be seen what the exact nature and extent of this security breach are.


Allegations of Chinese government-sponsored hacking of websites in the United States have long made rounds of the world news. However, this latest breach seems to have targeted a source of proprietary information who is outside of the seemingly robust cyber-security systems of the Pentagon. Being a contractor to the US Navy, the company, which was not named in the report, is said to be taking the necessary action to investigate the exact events that took place earlier this year. Coming on the heels of an ongoing investigation and much public humiliation for the apparent role that Russia played in determining the outcome of US Presidential Elections in 2016, this latest revelation promises to add to the negative publicity that the present Trump administration has garnered thus far.

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