Sudan lions suffer Lack of food badly! – #SudanAnimalRescue

Sudan lions suffer from lack of food! – The sad state of the lioness #SudanAnimalRescue.

The first wild animal that comes to mind is the lion. The lion with its majestic appearance, elaborate body, and erect gaze, the name of Raja is one of them. But for the past few days, photos of some lions browsing the internet have brought tears to their eyes.

The lean body, the outer bone, the sad face, the lions that are about to die. Al-Qureshi Zoo is located in Khartoum, the capital of the North African country of Sudan. Five sudan lions have been raised here for some years. Qureshi Park is managed by the municipality of Khartoum, which provides food and care for the animals in the park through their funds and private funds.

In the past few weeks, the staff have been suffering from a lack of food and medicine to provide for the lions. This is why they are so thin. The netizens are crying out in the social circle that these lions need a safe, comfortable place to live. The hashtag #SudanAnimalRescue has been spread around the world.

Talking about the plight of the lions, park administrators said, “The condition of the lions has been very bad for the past few weeks. They have lost two-thirds of their body weight. Lions have no food; There is no funding for it. So we are keeping them up to date at our own expense, ”said Essamelddine Hajjar, the park’s director.

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