Archaeologists Uncover Mass Inca Grave

A grave of 24 mummified bodies was uncovered in the Lambayeque region of Peru by Peruvian archaeologists at a site that has a total of 26 pyramids built by this civilization. The Inca’s were a civilization that existed in South America between the 1200s and 1500s, expanding at their peak to cover a territory that is now part of the modern nations of Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Bolivia, predominantly. The coastal region where this discovery was made is one of the natural borders of the empire that relied more on a standing army and never ventured into the ocean by the establishing of a navy of any kind.


The grave that was uncovered had all the markings of being that of a prominent figure in Inca society, although it is not entirely evident where exactly in the social hierarchy this person may have belonged. There were a collection of grains, ceramics and robes that were finely woven in the style of that epoch, giving the indication that this was the site of a funeral for the figurehead of Inca society as had led to the earlier estimation of his station.


This recent finding will help establish with a greater amount of detail the overall extent of the Inca Empire as it spanned most of the Andes Mountain region all the way along the western coast of continental South America. More details will be revealed after analysis of the findings in this grave have been conducted, with the necessary tests to be carried out, as well.

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