vajna timi timea moves to America and Los Angeles starts a new life.

Timi Vajna recently moved out of a luxury villa in Buda, where she lived with the late film producer Andy Vajna. The Bors photographer managed to capture the moments of the shop and that Tim was not only supported by the creators. Billionaire friend Zoltán, who was first seen in Tmis Kinograb, arrived with a luxury car and driver for the widow.

Timi moves to America and Los Angeles starts a new life, but according to rumors the locals do not want to let go of life completely: “Although Timi travels back to America, the days do not fully count on the life of the locals. I know that you want to buy a villa in Buda, ”said a friend who gave Bors a name.

The blikk is as it should be for whom this mysterious billionaire friend: “Zoli was there for my husband’s grave because they had been friends for eight years, and he went alone to the grave several times. Because he loved and respected Andy He really wanted to go to the cemetery on Sunday, so I asked them to bring my grandmother and stepmother because we weren’t in a car, ”Timi told the newspaper, adding that Andy Vajna wanted to invest in a Japanese restaurant in Budapest he contacted him, but the widow didn’t talk about whether they had more than one business and friendship …

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