Kumkum bhagya written update of natak Zeetv on 13th January 2020.

kumkum bhagya written update of 13th january 2020 natak.

Kumkum Bhagya Written update of 13th January 2020: Abhi hunts Sanju with Rhea

Kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv.

In the wake of tonight, Abhi hires a detective to track down Sanju. Rhea joins him and tries to stop him from coming to Sanju.

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir written update it tells Rhea that he is certain that Sanju is behind the entire MMS scandal. Rhea is worried and leaves the police station. She meets Prachi on the way out and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi promises to support Ranbir because he is her best friend. Pragya meets Ranbir in prison and praises him for helping Prachi. Ranbir tries to ask if he can go out with Prachi, but feels shy. Pragya understands what Ranbir is trying to ask and nods in agreement. Abhi and Vikram take Ranbir out on bail. Abhi meets Prachi and tells her that he has already hired a detective to search for Sanju.

Ranbir returns home in Kumkum bhagya natak today.

As a result of tonight’s Ranbir returning home, his mother locks him in the room. Abhi is waiting for more information from detective Joseph. Ranbir jumps out of his window and runs to his car unnoticed. Rhea sees him and tries to stop him. Ranbir says that he will speak to her later because he will be looking for Sanju.

Rhea worries when she hears detective Abhi tell that Sanju hired a boy named Yuvi to create the MMS. Abhi calls Ranbir and asks him about Yuvi. Ranbir says that Yuvi is from the same college and decides to track him down. Abhi decides to find out where Sanju is and takes him to prison. Rhea calls Sanju and warns him of Abhi. He asks him to leave the city immediately.

Ranbir finds Yuvi in ​​college and thrashes him. In the end, Yuvi admits to the whole college that he did the MMS with his girlfriend Roshni because Sanju paid her for it. Ranbir turns and realizes that Sanju is leaving college. Ranbir follows him by car and stops when he sees Pragya and Prachi on the way. He takes her to hunt Sanju.

Rhea joins Abhi to help him catch Sanju.

Abhi takes the help of a high-ranking investigator who is his friend. He asks him to find Sanju’s phone. Abhi finds Sanju and stops him. He thrashes him to tell the truth, but Sanju doesn’t reveal anything. During the fight, Rhea Abhis takes car keys and throws them aside. When Abhi searches for his keys, Sanju escapes. Will Abhi catch up with him? Find out tomorrow.

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