Kumkum bhagya on zeetv natak 16 January 2020 video serial preview:

kumkum bhagya on zeetv natak 16 january 2020 video serial preview
Kumkum bhagya serial 16th jan 2020 preview

Hit daily videeo serial Kumkum Bhagya on zeetv January 16, 2020 Preview: Aliya-Rhea Accuses Ranbir of Abuse?

Kumkum bhagya natak recall previous episode.

In the previous episode, Pragya spoke to Meera when she saw Abhi and Purab. She remembers the old memories she shared with Abhi. Meera asks Pragya if she knows what love is. Pragya says that it is up to our fate to decide whether we will be with the love of our life or not. Meera disagrees that we love someone from afar and can also be happy.

Kumkum bhagya aaj ka dharavahik preview.

In the upcoming episode, Aliya tells Rhea that Ranbir is her first love and assures her that she will help her regain it.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya on zeetv, Ranbir can’t take his eyes off Prachi at the Lohri celebrations. Pragya sees Abhi at the venue and thinks he must have come to a performance. Meanwhile, Meera Pragya unwittingly admits that she loves Abhi. Pragya is not aware that the person Meera is talking about is her husband Abhi. She is happy to know that Meera is in love. Aliya hatches a new plan to separate Ranbir and Prachi. She tells Rhea that the girl she hires with the name Maya will cause an uproar if she is molested by Ranbir. If Prachi refuses to believe Ranbir, he will be irritable and realize that only Rhea supports him.

In the upcoming episode of kumkum bhagya on zeetv, Aliya tells Rhea that Ranbir is her first love and assures her that she will help her regain it. Abhi is shown in the promo video discussing with Purab that he can worry about his own love life after the wedding. An angry Purab tells Abhi that love is what happens publicly. We should not do any thing secretly. It becomes a sin. Does Abhi refer to Rhea here? Wait and find out!

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