Kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv 18th january 2020 preview:

Kumkum Bhagya natak January 18, 2020 Preview: Pragya hides from Abhi and cries

kumkum bhagya dharavahik on zeetv.

In the previous episode, Prachi gets jealous when he sees Ranbir flirt with Maya. She calls Ranbir indecent and cheap to flirt with a girl at a family gathering. Maya offers Ranbir help to impress the right girl. Abhi goes back into the room and sees that Pragya has disappeared. Abhi scolds Aliya for sending Pragya away. He says he wants Rhea to meet her mother. Rhea prevents him from speaking rude to Aliya. Will Abhi decide to get Rhea to meet Abhi? Find out tomorrow?

As a result, Pragya hides behind a bed and cries over what Aliya said to her while Abhi is looking for her.

Kumkum bhagya video serial ka preview

In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya natak , Abhi carries Pragya to his room and applies ointment to her injury. Pragya and Abhi decide never to fight again. Ranbir gets jealous when he sees Prachi talking to another girl in college. Maya, the girl Rhea hired to trap Ranbir, goes to him. Ranbir starts flirting with Maya when he realizes that it makes Prachi jealous. Aliya finds Pragya and Abhi together in the same room. When Abhi leaves the room, Aliya insults Pragya by saying that the daughter she left with Abhi now hates her. Abhi searches for Pragya, but cannot find it. He scolds Aliya for hurting Pragya’s emotions.

abhishek prem mehra, mugdha chaphekar, naina singh, shabir ahluwalia in kumkum bhagya.

In the next episode, Pragya cries behind a bed after Aliya insults her. Abhi is still looking for her because he wants her to meet Rhea. However, he cannot find her. Abhi calls her name and hears a sound, but he cannot see her. He enters the room to check if Pragya is there. Will Abhi find Pragya and take her to meet Rhea? Find out in the next episode.

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