Kumkum bhagya january 21 2020 natak on zeetv preview video serial.

Kumkum bhagya natak on zeetv.

Kumkum Bhagya January 21, 2020 Preview: Maya accuses Ranbir of harassment. A big new interesting twist to ranabir going to happen today in the evening episode.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya January 21, Maya stuns Ranbir and then runs out of the room to let everyone know that Ranbir has tried to harass her.

Kumkum bhagya dharavahik on zeetv.

In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Aliya decides to meet Pragya and Rhea. She pays a waiter to put a burning piece of wood from the fire under Pragya’s leg. Prachi realizes that Ranbir has her bracelet and tries to find out where he went with Maya. Ranbir goes into a room with Maya and asks him to take a sip of the drink in which she had mixed the pill to numb him. Abhi asks Pragya to do the Lohri Puja. When Pragya injures her leg, Abhi lifts her up. Aliya is disappointed that Rhea is not there to testify. Pragya is afraid that Rhea will find her there. She decides to leave the party, but warns Aliya that she won’t return to the Mehra villa until her daughter so requests.

Kumkum bhagya dharavahik video serial.

In the next episode, Maya runs out of the room into the main area. She cries and covers herself with a sheet that asks for help. When someone asks her what happened, Maya says that Ranbir tried to force her on. Abhi and Ranbir’s family are shocked by Maya’s accusations.

Police arrest Ranbir and jail him for trying to harass Maya. He tries to fight back and claims to be innocent. Abhi goes with Ranbir’s parents Vikram and Pallavi to get Ranbir out of prison. Pragya and Rhea go with him hoping to get Ranbir out of jail. Maya is already giving her testimony to the police. Will Abhi be able to save Ranbir from this problem? Find out tomorrow.

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